What products increase the potency of a man?

man eat broccoli to improve potency

The content of various foods in the diet, which contains the required vitamin complexes and minerals to increase potency in men. Some of the main ones are A and E, as well as vitamins of group B. You need to eat a lot of foods that correctly affect sexual activity and desire. Among the wide selection of products, fish products and shrimps, squids, etc. have a great effect.

Rating of products useful for potency

Among the wide variety of such products, seafood, fish, vegetables (especially turnips) are considered the most effective. It has also been proven that rennet (camel stomach) has a positive effect on potency. Tellingly, not only the right foods are important, but also the way they are consumed, and therefore the information presented below will be useful to many.

meat to increase potency

First place. Sychuzhina

To begin with, the stomach of a camel is rightfully considered the best product for restoring male strength. Its effectiveness is practically the same as that of well-known drugs, only it is completely harmless to the body. And the only drawback of rennet is that it is extremely difficult to get this product.

What is he like? In fact, this is an ordinary camel stomach, only dried in a special way. The remedy is taken (3 g is enough - it's about like a pea) 30 minutes before intercourse or immediately before it, and the effect occurs almost immediately.

camel stomach to increase potency
On a note! Also, a special tincture is prepared from the stomach of a camel - 100 g of the product is poured into 0. 5 liters of vodka, insisted for 14 days in an unlit cool place.

Second place. Oysters

Oysters belong to the class of bivalve molluscs. They live in colonies, in salt water, along rocky coasts. They prefer warm waters, but some species inhabit Sakhalin and other northern latitudes. The oyster shell has two valves, one of which is larger and convex. The shellfish meat is dense in structure and with a characteristic fishy flavor. Oysters are sold fresh, frozen or canned. The cooked product cannot be stored, so the oysters are prepared just before serving. The highest concentration of active substances in fresh seafood, therefore, their cost is quite high.

oysters to increase potency

Oysters for men are useful in that they contain a high concentration of minerals and amino acids in a small amount of the product. One of these substances is zinc. It is essential for reproductive function and testosterone production.Since the zinc content in oyster meat is high, its intake:

  • ensures the production of a sufficient amount of testosterone;
  • stimulates the formation of seminal fluid;
  • increases the number of viable sperm.

Vitamins and amino acids are involved in the regulation of the synthesis of sex hormones, stimulate metabolic processes and participate in cell nutrition. This allows you to increase the duration of intercourse and shorten the recovery time after ejaculation.

Third place. Flounder

It is very tasty and healthy, has a positive effect on the functioning of the penis. This fish contains a lot of balanced protein, which is well absorbed by the body due to the small amount of connective tissue. In order for the fish to fully retain all its properties, you need to steam it (as an option, you can boil it, stew it). After bringing to readiness, you need to stop heat treatment.

flounder to increase potency
The use of flounder is not recommended only for people who have an individual intolerance to the product.

Fourth place. Mackerel

Mackerel is a fairly popular type of fish and is in great demand. It can be salted, smoked, cooked over a fire, or simply baked in the oven. It is incredibly tasty and healthy. Fish has useful vitamins that saturate the human body.

Due to its high nutritional value, this fish is useful for dieting, active sports, and preventing excess weight gain. Correct assimilation of fats, as well as their excretion from the body, provides vitamin B12, which is present in mackerel in large quantities. This makes fish useful in planning diets and proper nutrition regimes and prevents excess fat from accumulating in the body, collecting either on the buttocks or on the stomach.

mackerel to increase potency

Fifth place. Turnip

It contains many useful substances that strengthen the body in general and potency in particular, increasing the production of testosterone. Turnip seeds improve erection; boiled vegetables added to meat dishes have the same effect.

There is also a special medicinal mixture that is easy to make on your own: boil a large turnip in 0. 5 liters of cow's milk, then grate and mix with it. To enhance the healing effect, you can also add 100 g of honey. This tool should be taken 50 g 4 times a day.

turnip to increase potency
The remedy is contraindicated for people who suffer from cholecystitis, various inflammatory processes in the intestines, hepatitis and pathologies of the central nervous system!

What other foods might be helpful?

There are many other products that increase potency. If you include in the diet something from what are presented below, you can get rid of erection problems without the use of pharmacy products.


Meat in its natural form (boiled, fried or baked), rather than in burgers and sausages, is a source of important vitamins and minerals. Giving a man satiety and energy, meat products take care of his health. It is best to eat meat boiled, baked or steamed. During frying, carcinogens are still released, and there is more cholesterol in fried meat.

Best of all, male potency is influenced by:

  • beef
  • hen
  • rabbit
meat dishes to increase potency

Of course, lean, non-fatty meat has a more effective effect on the body, since excessive consumption of fatty meat leads to problems of the cardiovascular system. the amount of meat consumed per day by a man should depend on his lifestyle. So, a quiet pastime requires the use of no more than 50 grams of meat per day, and heavy physical activity 200-300 grams. The more a man loses strength, the more he needs protein. Every man should keep in mind that excessive consumption of food, in particular meat, inevitably leads to obesity and loss of sex drive. Doctors say it's normal for a man to eat meat at least three times a week.

chicken scallops to increase potency

Berries, fruits

This includes bananas, grapes, raspberries, mangoes, and other similar foods. They help to increase libido both fresh and dried, and also provide the body with the required energy. The functionality of the endocrine system is improved, including the production of sex hormones.

raspberries to increase potency


They contain a lot of magnesium, zinc, vitamins B and E - that is, substances that have a beneficial effect on erection. To increase the latter, you can use various nuts - walnuts, peanuts, almonds, etc.

For the greatest benefit, foods should be eaten raw. It will be even better if you combine several types of nuts at once and combine them with honey. Also note that pine nuts and nutmegs are considered the most effective.

nuts to increase potency


It is pollen (it already consists of male germ cells), specially processed by bees. There is a lot of protein in bee bread, without which a normal sex life is impossible. For good potency, you need energy reserves, which can also be obtained from bee bread. It also increases testosterone production, improves blood flow to the penis. In a word, the product works in a complex manner.

To increase potency, every day you need to consume at least 10 g of bee bread. If you have impotence, then the amount of the product can be increased by first consulting your doctor.

bee bread to increase potency
Bee bread must be of high quality, ideally straight from the apiary. The product does not cause allergies, but people with metabolic disorders, cancer and intolerance will have to refuse it.


They are used as a main dish or a side dish to the products described above.For potency are better suited:

  • onions (all types);
  • garlic;
  • cabbage;
  • pepper;
  • carrot;
  • asparagus;
  • radish;
  • celery.

These vegetables contain many beneficial substances that enhance libido and increase potency. They can be eaten both boiled and raw.

green beans to increase potency
The best vegetable is celery, which is considered a natural analogue of the famous medicines.

Chicken eggs

The composition is slightly poorer, and eating it raw is fraught with some infections. But if you apply them, observing all hygiene standards, this will have a positive effect on the performance of the reproductive system.

chicken eggs to increase potency


Its effect on potency is really noticeable. But going to extremes and eating in large quantities is also impossible. Indeed, in this case, even if the problem of impotence is solved, there will be no less difficulty - to lose the extra pounds obtained from excessive consumption of chocolate. Therefore, you need to eat this aphrodisiac little by little, but regularly.

chocolate to increase potency

Quail eggs

According to research results, quail eggs are much more effective for potency than the advertised stimulants and stimulants. Regular consumption of quail eggs leads to an increase in the intensity of blood circulation in the genitals. Many men, knowing about the rich content of cholesterol in eggs, are afraid to eat such a product every day, which is completely wrong. First, quail eggs help eliminate excess cholesterol. And secondly, men need cholesterol for the full production of testosterone hormone, a deficiency of which leads to a decrease in sexual desire and a weakening of erection.

quail eggs to increase potency

How will drinks help?

To improve potency, there are also a large number of tasty and healthy drinks. You can cook them absolutely yourself. Nut milk is a great option, which you can make at home using any nuts you have. To do this, pour boiling water over them overnight. In the morning, drain the water, crush or grind with a blender. After that, strain the resulting mixture and take milk every day, mainly in the morning. Chokeberry decoction, which was popular several centuries ago, can become an excellent drink. Carrot, tomato or pomegranate juice can also be a great solution.

pomegranate juice to increase potency

What about foods that can harm potency?

Certain foods can lead to male malaise, decreased sexual activity. Obviously, it is desirable to exclude these products from the diet, or at least minimize their amount. It is impossible to list everything that has a detrimental effect on potency, therefore we will dwell only on the main points.

fast food impairs potency

Table. What can harm potency.

Name, photo Short description
smoked meat impairs potency Due to the presence of a special liquid smoke, they can provoke toxic damage to the testicles - the main "manufacturer" of testosterone.
greens to increase potency If you use it a little, you can improve men's health, but the effect of excessive use will be diametrically opposite.
alcohol harms potency Harm the testicles, reduce testosterone production. Beer is especially dangerous, because, in addition to alcohol itself, phytoestrogens are also present.
moderate coffee consumption for good potency Caffeine eliminates free testosterone, so it is recommended to drink no more than one cup of coffee a day. The same applies to energy drinks - they only create the illusion of lifting, in reality, they harm the vessels and load the heart.
carbonated drinks impair potency They are high in sugar and so-called thirst enhancers, which can lead to dehydration.
fast food harms potency These are pizza, chips, other fast food, sausages, mayonnaise and everything that is fried in oil.
sunflower oil damages potency All of these oils decrease testosterone production. The daily rate should be no more than 6 tbsp. l.
soy leads to a deterioration in potency It also contains a lot of phytoestrogens, the effect of which is opposite to testosterone. Do not use soy as a meat substitute, otherwise you can provoke sexual inhibition.
white bread harms potency It can also be harmful to sexual health.
milk in large quantities harms potency Such milk contains estrogen - it is harmful to male sexual health in excessive quantities. The maximum daily rate is 1 liter.

As a result, we note that, in addition to all of the above, an excess of salt, sugar and other substances that a person needs on a daily basis can negatively affect male consistency.