How to maintain high potency at home?

Full erectile function may decrease over the years under the influence of external or internal factors. Therefore, after 30 years, many doctors recommend men to resort to a number of means to maintain potency. Most often, a lifestyle correction is enough to preserve male consistency for a long time.

How to maintain a man's potency at a high level?

The methods of maintaining sexual function are selected depending on many additional conditions. In the presence of concomitant diseases, medications and dietary supplements are required, taken for preventive purposes.

The consequences of constant emotional overload and excessive physical activity are eliminated with vitamins. Folk remedies help to strengthen health, maintain the tone of the body.

Dietary supplements

In the presence of diseases that can provoke a violation of erectile function, or a hereditary tendency to disruption of the reproductive system, doctors advise to resort to herbal supplements in advance. Such funds do not cause negative reactions from the body, while simultaneously strengthening the functionality of the organs responsible for the intimate side of life.

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Naturopathic remedies have a carefully calibrated composition, due to which they are successfully used to treat and prevent sexual dysfunction.

Formula of drugs:

  • Ginkgo biloba - stimulates the production of sex hormones, increases the brightness of orgasm;
  • Greek fenugreek - activates the blood supply to the genitals, prevents and eliminates inflammatory processes of the urinary system;
  • Ginseng root - a natural tonic that provides a burst of energy, enhances libido and the ability to achieve an erection;
  • Peruvian Maca - restores blood flow, prevents the effects of congestion, a natural aphrodisiac.

Supplements are completely safe for men. The only exception to the reception is hypersensitivity to one of the plants.

Liquid drops are used to treat a wide range of sexual dysfunctions. Recommended for use in the presence of risk factors and predisposition to impotence.

The drops contain the following substances:

  • Monkfish liver - increases attraction at a physiological and psychological level;
  • Litorina extract - promotes the active synthesis of testosterone;
  • Northern moss extract - increases the duration of the erect state of the penis;
  • Antarctic krill extract is a catalyst for the absorption of vitamin complexes necessary for a high level of sexual activity.

Contraindications to the remedies - intolerance to the components, vascular and cardiac muscle diseases, sleep disturbance.

The healers of the American continent resorted to the Peruvian poppy plant. The powder helped the Indians to avoid male diseases, increase sexual performance and reproductive ability.

The supplement of the same name is also produced in powder form. With its help, the following are warned:

  • Impotence caused by chronic fatigue and stress;
  • Urological infections;
  • Inflammatory processes of the genitourinary system.

Additional components:

  • Amino acids;
  • Complex of minerals and vitamins;
  • Fatty acid.

The list of restrictions on admission is insignificant:

  • Hypersensitivity;
  • Renal dysfunction;
  • Recently suffered a heart attack;
  • Chronic hypertension.


Medicinal maintenance of male potency is mainly in the drug therapy of existing diseases.

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Pharmacy preparations must be taken if you have:

  • Cardiovascular pathologies;
  • Inflammation of the prostate gland;
  • Diabetes mellitus;
  • Diseases of the central nervous system.

For the prevention of erectile dysfunction, it is better not to take specialized drugs for impotence for reasons of serious interference with the body without serious indications. The only exceptions are mild herbal remedies and homeopathy.

In particular, pills are used not only for the course therapy of genital disorders, but also for prevention purposes. Before starting a wellness course, you should consult with your doctor to clarify dosages.


The correct passage of all reactions in the body depends on the availability of the required amount of nutrients. The ability to achieve an erection and emotional arousal is provided by the regular intake of vitamins.

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Especially important:

  • Retinol - strengthens potency by stabilizing metabolism;
  • B vitamins - necessary for the elimination of toxins, normal functionality of the nervous system, increased testosterone production;
  • Pyridoxine - stabilizes the psychological background, participates in the production of endorphins;
  • Vitamin PP - restores blood circulation;
  • Folic acid - participates in the restoration of the body after overload, it is necessary for hematopoiesis;
  • Ascorbic acid - antioxidant, increases immunity, prevents inflammation of the prostate;
  • Vitamin D - is needed for stable libido, stable production of androgens, prevention of prostate cancer;
  • Tocopherol - relieves androgen deficiency, increases the supply of blood to the genitals.

Vitamins are found in food. If it is impossible to balance the diet, you should drink special mineral and vitamin complexes.

Folk remedies

Folk remedies also help to avoid unexpected failures and incidents. Maintaining potency in men with decoctions and infusions is possible with their regular intake.

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Useful recipes:

  • Peel the ginseng root and cut off a piece weighing 100 g. Chop finely and pour in 0. 5 l of water. Leave for 48 hours, then reheat on the stove, but do not boil. Add a pinch of cinnamon and 5 g of honey. Take 50 ml after meals three times a day;
  • Pour 2 teaspoons of St. John's wort with a glass of boiling water. Insist an hour in a thermos or a tightly closed mug. 4 times a day, drink 20 ml;
  • Squeeze the juice from 2 carrots. Mix the liquid with a tablespoon of olive oil and honey. Eat 30 g every day.


You can also maintain potency and stay at your best until a ripe old age using a number of tips.

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We bring to your attention the most important notes on sexual performance. For the potency to be strong, you need:

  • Do exercises every day to strengthen the pelvic muscles;
  • Jogging, yoga, or swimming
  • Control the rate of body weight;
  • Eliminate bad habits;
  • Balance the daily menu;
  • Systematically check blood pressure and cholesterol levels;
  • Allocate about 8 hours of sleep;
  • Visit a sauna or bath;
  • Take massage courses;
  • Treat any illness in a timely manner, including colds.

Final conclusions

Doctors say that it is possible to maintain a high level of potency even after 50 years. Compliance with lifestyle and health recommendations will ensure sustained erectile function even in old age.