Herbs for male health and potency

The forest is a place for self-collection of herbs that increase male potency

Men often face erectile dysfunction, and this happens more and more often in the modern world. It is impossible to constantly drink pills to improve potency, as they have side effects. Since ancient times, natural medicines have saved people from various diseases, including infertility. Herbs for men's health and potency are much more useful than pharmaceutical preparations, all the more they do not cause a negative reaction of the body.

Impotence treatment

Herbs that increase potency are absolutely safe and rarely cause side effects. As a rule, only the occurrence of an allergic reaction is possible in case of individual intolerance. At home, they resort to herbal medicine: infusions, teas, decoctions for oral administration.

The effect of chamomile on potency has been proven for generations, but what about other plants?

Herbal medicine affects potency as follows:

  1. Stimulates metabolism. . . In the body, metabolic processes proceed faster, which causes cell regeneration. As a result, the sensitivity of the penis improves.
  2. Acceleration of blood flow. . . Over time, the vessels are cleared, the blood thinns and circulates faster, rushing to the penis. The quality of the semen increases due to the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs.
  3. Suppression of pathogenic microflora. . . Herbs for increasing potency in men save from diseases caused by bacteria. Some of them seriously affect libido.

Some plants regulate the level of the arousal hormone testosterone. However, long-term therapy is required, since herbal remedies never work quickly like pharmaceutical preparations. Male herbal picking cannot work in a week. If the manufacturer promises immediate results, it is most likely that he is lying.

Energizing herbs have several other positives, such as their affordable price and ease of use. You can buy fees at any pharmacy or collect them yourself. It is easy to use the prepared product - it is enough to drink it 2-3 times a day, sometimes teas are replaced with broths.

With erectile dysfunction

Pharmacies often offer ready-made preparations for the treatment of various diseases. You can make the medicine yourself by choosing the most effective plants depending on the cause of the ailment. What herbs increase potency and how they work:

  • rape - improves seed production and quality;
  • nettle - increases libido, and also prolongs sexual intercourse;
  • ginger - a delicious food spice that raises testosterone;
  • dill - improves blood circulation in the organs of the genitourinary system;
  • fireweed - is a natural antiseptic;
  • St. John's wort is an available herb that enhances sexual attraction to a woman and the sensitivity of the penis;
  • pink rhodiola - prolongs the time of sex;
  • parsley - provides a long lasting erection.

You can collect herbs for the potency of men on your own, but you need to do this at a certain time of the year. It is imperative to make sure that the gathering point is far from the road. Before starting treatment with decoctions or infusions, it is worth learning about the contraindications of each plant. It has already been said that herbal medicine is safe for general health. The maximum that will cause pathogens herbs is an allergy or intestinal upset. For this reason, it is recommended that you consult with your doctor beforehand, as well as observe the recommended dosage.

Increasing testosterone in men

List of the best herbs:


Ginseng root is a storehouse of substances that have a beneficial effect on male potency

It is one of the main natural aphrodisiacs widely used in China and some other Asian countries. It is the root of the plant that must be used to increase potency, in which there are substances that affect the sexual activity of a man. It is better to consume ginseng in the form of an alcoholic tincture prepared according to the following recipe. For 300 ml of vodka (or 40% alcohol), take 60 g of dried raw materials, mix and leave in a dark place for 2-3 weeks. After that, the bottle should be shaken and filtered. They take the medicine 10-15 drops once a day, the course lasts up to two months. Often, the tincture is added to coffee or tea.


Eleutherococcus, which normalizes the erectile function of men

In terms of effectiveness, it is not inferior to ginseng. With regular use, a folk remedy made from a plant can return a powerful erection to a man. Vitamins and minerals that make up the plant are responsible for the normalization of erectile function. It is recommended to use a herbal collection, where, in addition to Eleutherococcus, there is hawthorn, ginseng or motherwort.


Hawthorn for the preparation of a tincture that will strengthen an erection and make intercourse longer

Strong substance that can increase testosterone levels as well as improve health. It is useful for people with diseases of the circulatory system and reduced immunity. Hawthorn tincture thins the blood, which improves circulation in the pelvic organs. The plant-based remedy not only makes an erection stronger, but also prolongs sexual intercourse. Long-term use will reduce the risk of developing prostate adenoma.


Fireweed, a healthy tea from which effectively increases potency in men

Ivan tea is part of many drugs for impotence. It is better to use a herb that increases potency in men in its pure form than pills. Possesses a rich spectrum of action:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • relieves pain;
  • normalizes blood circulation;
  • increases testosterone;
  • prevents stagnant processes;
  • speeds up metabolism.

It is by improving blood circulation that an erection is getting better. It is recommended to drink fireweed in the form of tea, brewing the leaves with boiling water, but you can prepare a tincture according to one of the recipes for an erection. In just a few weeks, it will be noticeable how the time of intercourse has gradually increased.


Nettle is a popular herb for impotence and infertility

It is also often included in herbal remedies for impotence or infertility. For men, this herb is useful not only because it treats impotence, but also because it fights inflammation of the genitourinary system. Nettle relieves swelling and provides blood flow to the pelvic organs.


Schisandra soothes the nervous system of a man, which promotes good potency

Natural aphrodisiac that will save a man from impotence caused by severe stress. The plant affects the nervous system and hormones, and an erection depends on it. With the help of lemongrass, blood circulation is restored, and nerve impulses from the penis to the brain reach faster. In addition, an alcoholic tincture or a decoction for potency from a plant will make the body stronger, resistant to various diseases, nervous shocks.

The list of medicinal herbs for the genitourinary system can be continued for a long time:

  • St. John's wort;
  • thyme;
  • yohimbe;
  • burning mucuna;
  • pharmaceutical camomile.

Almost all herbs have one thing in common - they promote active blood circulation and overall health.


Infusions that increase erection are prepared with alcohol or water. There are many recipes, you need to choose the right one yourself, depending on what caused the deterioration of libido. The most popular remedies and how to prepare them:

  1. Energizing hawthorn tincture. . . Add 1 tbsp to 250 ml of water. l. berries (dry and fresh are suitable) and simmer for half an hour over medium heat. Strain, suck to a comfortable temperature and pour into a bottle - drink 50 ml 3 times a day. It is better to take the alcoholic tincture by drip. An herbal remedy for increasing libido in men is suitable for those who have been diagnosed with impotence due to high blood pressure.
  2. Infusion of parsley for a powerful erection. . . This plant contains many vitamins that keep the penis in good shape. Chop fresh herbs, take 15 g per 250 ml of water. Bring the mixture to a boil, reduce heat and simmer for 10-15 minutes. After cooling, strain, divide into 2 doses. Drink twice a day 2 hours before meals for a month.
  3. Lemongrass medicine. . . The composition contains bioactive substances lignans, which help the hormone testosterone to be produced. For preparation, you need to pour 10 g of raw materials in 200 ml of alcohol and leave in a dark place for 2 weeks. Strain before use and store in a tightly closed container. Take 30 drops of lemongrass tincture per day 30-40 minutes before meals. Fruits (5-6 pcs. ) Can be chewed immediately before intimate contact or squeezed juice from them.
  4. Tincture of St. John's wort and Dubrovnik. . . Homemade non-alcoholic medicine will cure diseases of the genitourinary system. You can take fresh or dried grass (10 g) and pour 250 ml of hot water, let it brew for 30 minutes. Strain and drink 50 ml 3 times a day. It is better to use an infusion of Dubrovnik herb for potency 15-20 minutes before meals.

Almost all herbal remedies for male strength are prepared using similar recipes. As a rule, about 1 tbsp is required for 200 ml of water or alcohol. l. raw materials. More detailed information on the preparation of a remedy for the treatment of impotence is indicated on the packaging of the herbal collection.


In the form of tea, you can use many infusions, for example, hawthorn, fireweed, Altai herbs. Especially effective is a drink made from Rhodiola rosea, which is easy to prepare. You need to take a teaspoon of crushed rhizomes of the plant, pour 200 ml of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Remove from heat, leave for half an hour, and then add honey, lemon and mint to the cooled liquid to taste. If the herbal tea turned out to be bitter, then you can dilute it with water. It is recommended to consume 1 glass in the morning and in the evening before meals.

Erectile dysfunction caused by psychogenic disorders can be cured by tea for male potency. It is required to mix 1 tsp. lemon balm, thyme, rose hips and pour a liter of boiling water. It is better to prepare the drink in a thermos so that it has time to brew. It is recommended to add honey to bitter teas (for example, from wormwood or medicinal tea).

Herbal preparations

The effect of the herb on the man's body has already been clarified, it remains to deal with pharmaceutical preparations. Natural potency stimulants have a safe composition, act gently, do not cause complications. In the composition you can find yohimbe bark, horn goat, lovage, garlic or ginger, ginseng, dwarf palm. Some stimulants additionally contain talc, magnesium stearate or other excipients, so they cannot be called completely natural. It is recommended to choose drops or infusions, as they have a faster effect.

There is a dietary supplement with guarana extract that works after 15-20 minutes. Strengthening potency occurs due to the normalization of blood circulation in the pelvic organs. Another remedy with ginseng, hawthorn and wild pepper in the composition has an immediate effect. We are talking about a remedy in drops of herbs for prostatitis and impotence, which is dripped onto the tongue before sex.

Reviews of doctors

Experts advise paying attention to inexpensive tinctures from a pharmacy. Usually, patients are prescribed medications to increase the potency of men on herbs:

  • Chinese root;
  • rhodiola rosea;
  • lure high;
  • lovage;
  • infusion of cornflower.

They cannot be attributed to strong aphrodisiacs, since the action is aimed more at improving the body's health.

On the pharmaceutical market, there are a variety of drugs that relieve sexual impotence: drops, sprays, tablets, ointments. However, herbs are more often chosen to improve erection, because they are much safer and cheaper. There is indeed an effect from them, but long-term administration is necessary. In rare cases, plant-based decoctions or tinctures cause allergies. A list of the best herbs for potency in men will help you choose the most effective remedy.